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Video Capture


We use design thinking and journalistic experience to capture an empathetic view that makes your story engaging and actionable.

Video Capture

As story architects, we craft images and sound in a
unique style that evokes emotion and elicits action.

Welcome to CycleHere Media

We produce video content that stops the audience, engages them, and draws them to your call to action.

Filming Honey

Filming honey with a Datil sting!

We are a St. Augustine – Jacksonville, Florida based business and have clients throughout the Sunshine State and across the Southeast

Powerfully Communicate Your Message Through Video

There are few better ways to tap into the blending of imagery, sound, and emotions than with the medium of video.

Milagro on 12

Hispanic flare from Cesar Diaz’s new Milagro on 12

CycleHere Media is one of the only video production companies in the area that will provide a premier, personalized service from start to finish.

Thoughtful & Effective Video Production Services

We use progressive design thinking and journalistic experience to create stunning, engaging, and impactful videos for our clients.

Florida Highway Patrol Recruits

Crafting a recruitment video for the Florida Highway Patrol

With the help of our experienced videographers, you can translate your vision into a powerful message that allows you to connect to your audience in a meaningful way.

Resume for a city


We spend time with our clients asking thoughtful questions to provide fresh perspective.
We deliver outcomes that illustrate their unique value.


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