Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails

We approach every meal with enthusiasm. Partly because we’ve often been working all day and we’re starving, but mostly because we’re creatives and we thrive on other peoples’ expressions of art- in this case, Food! The best restaurants are ones where the wait staff feels passionate about sharing their recommendations. That means they eat- and enjoy- the food they serve… a good sign. So a recent visit to Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails was the perfect experience for us. First, the restaurant is designed beautifully. Second, it’s got a superb view AND you can sit outside staring right at said view. The third selling point, on our list, is that Hyde Beach K+C serves “small plates,” which we enjoy because it means we get to taste more of their offerings. There’s nothing more lame than going to a new restaurant and tasting one dish.
At Hyde Beach K+C we were seated in “Butter’s” section. Butter is apparently our server’s nickname since childhood, but we agreed it served her well in this position since she smoothly talked us into ordering about 1,000 “small” plates to try. We can’t possibly share just the “highlights” because every darn thing we put in our mouths was fantastic. But at the top of the list was THE BEST TUNA TARTARE we have ever experienced- fresh, citrusy, hugging a surprise of perfect avocado and sprinkled with crisp, heavenly something-or-others.

Pictured below are the rest of the supreme dishes: East & West Coast Oysters, Honey + Miso SeaBass, Thai Black Mussels (which I really think they should call “Black Thai Mussels”, get it?!), Pumpkin Rolls (which I’ve pined for ever since), Mushroom Gnocchi (which Butter – no kidding – described as a “mouth orgasm”), and a Key Lime Tart!