Professional Video vs. DIY

There are TONS of statistics on the value of video marketing. For example,

So you’ve realized you should say YES to video, Congrats!

And you know WHERE video can help you… For example,

Unless you have a video department – that works in collaboration with your marketing department… Hire professionals to create these types of videos for your business:

Branding Videos



Web Content

Longer-term use

Tutorials (if your expected outcome is a Tasty video)

Do-It-Yourself Videos can be valuable if well-conceived and properly executed. See our previous post! (They can be detrimental if done poorly)

Use DIY Videos for:

Daily social posts

Property or product highlights (realtors, tourism, restaurants) – Caution on proper lighting!

Tutorials (if your expected outcome is ‘Happy Little Trees’)

Personality tidbits to connect with your audience

And of course, we’re always here for questions!