Resume’ For A City™

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In promoting travel to an area… one could wonder how to get all the great offerings into one piece of work?

Just like individual people, cities have their own style too, from fast-paced and trendy, to magical and serene. And just like our various friends, we can choose who we feel like hanging out with this weekend. Are you in a party mood, do you have energy to burn, are you in need of shopping-therapy or do you just want some peaceful de-stressing? You have a different friend you’d call for each, right?

So when it comes to capturing the personality of an area, you must highlight the things that speak to the area’s vibe… From scenery, to attractions, events, activities, architecture and of course food!

With an artfully crafted video… a little goes a long way. Take a look and Experience Tampa Bay in 60 Seconds: